My name is Owen.


I like to draw.

an example
an example

I like to write.

I am compelled to think, analyze, and pontificate.

I have a passion for history.

Welcome to my blog. Herein, provided I have the will power, you ought to find a myriad of musings, opinions, thoughts, reviews, essays, poems, and stories–basically whatever my strange mind deems worthy of the internet. The bar has been set pretty low, so I wouldn’t expect much, but you never know, maybe something here will tickle your fancy.

A note on the name: schizophrenia is a disease of the mind–or brain, if you prefer. It denotes, in short, an alternate reality of experience and perception–commonly called delusions (as if experience were rigidly objective or uniform). The suffix ad is a reference to the Iliad, that miracle of Greek creativity (think Alexiad, the Dunciad, the Luciads). It is an epic, a journey, a cosmos all its own. Put them together, and you have a journey, an adventure through an altered and warped reality, as seen by one set of eyes–although whether what I perceive be delusion or not is entirely up to you, my readers, my psychiatrists, my judges.

Bon courage.


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