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The Three-Headed Snake That Lives in my Vagina

Based on a patient’s hallucination, not on any personal experience on my part.¬†

Haunting the whispering caverns

Of my Vagina

Slithers a creature who thrice-headed burrows


Whose scaled flesh slithers

About my fallopian tubes

Whose fangs sink

Far into my womb

I urinate

And it complains

I wipe myself

And it snaps at my fingers

A penis looms large

And the serpent strikes

Deflating the trespasser

Driving the man away

Driving my family away

Driving my health away

I grow fat

The serpent’s opulent palace

My rolls

Are its accumulated wealth

I grow heavy-gangrenous

Consigned to inactivity and decay

It hisses upon its moist throne

 Reveling in the corruption

It has wrought

I do not die

But like monstrous Asia

Am made to exist in undeath

At the behest

Of a despot